Leave a Radiant and Inspiring Legacy

Make a lasting impact by joining us in building a glorious house for God that will be a radiant beacon for our parish and the Highlands community for decades to come.

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May the beauty which you pass on to generations still to come be such that it will stir them to wonder!

Pope St. John Paul II, Letter to Artists

What will we do with the generosity the Lord has shown to us?

We aren’t only interested in building a church that fills our current needs.

God has already been generous to us, and this is the same generosity we want to pass on as our legacy.

What more meaningful gift could we give to God than the gift of His children in relationship with Him?

We want to build a church:

We believe that beauty is desperately needed in an ugly world and that a beautiful and inspiring place of worship is an inheritance worth passing on to future generations.

The radiance of our Baroque church campus will …

  • Reflect our distinct heritage as Roman Catholics.
  • Silently communicate Christ’s promise to be with His Church always, even despite sin and scandal.
  • Preach the Gospel for generations to come through stone and beauty.

Stir hearts to prayer through their encounter with beauty

Respond gratefully to the Lord’s generosity

Provide a bright light of hope in a weary world

The time is now.

For over 70 years, Our Lady of the Mountains has offered the Church’s maternal care and served as the spiritual home for Catholics in Highlands, NC and beyond. Clergy and community have supported each other in times of grief, need, and joy.

Today, our facilities, like the Church, need renewal and rebuilding. We have the opportunity to give back to God in thanksgiving for His generosity to us, establishing a legacy of faith that honors our Patroness and the generations of Catholics that came before us.

We need your help. If you haven’t already, please join us now and give to the capital campaign today.

This is your legacy!

You deserve transparency and good communication.

We’ll do our part to communicate with you about the milestones and news of this project and the impact of your gift, even while you’re away.

3 Simple Steps to Join the Renewal

1. Determine how you want to give

You can give via…

  • cash or check
  • long-term pledge
  • a non-taxable Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA
  • a gift of stock, bonds, or mutual funds or a matching gift from your employer, which effectively doubles your gift.

2. Decide how frequently you can give

If you can give only once, great! In some cases, you might be able to give on a recurring basis: monthly, quarterly, or annually.

3. Give!

Contact the parish to give via credit card, ETF, or for help giving in other ways–such as via brokerage account or real estate.

Get Started

Memorial Opportunities Coming Soon!

Honor a loved one by dedicating a part of the new church with a memorial.

Join us in prayer

God our Father, Creator of heaven and earth and Giver of every good gift, we ask for your inspiration and strength as we glorify your name through the work of our capital campaign. May your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, by His work of redemption on the cross, bless the labors of our hands. May He, through the intercession of His Mother, Our Lady of the Mountains, fill us with the Holy Spirit and bring our work to completion, all for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls!

Our Lady of the Mountains, pray for us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How was it determined that a new church is needed?

A committee determined that the current facilities were hindering the church’s growth and community, so they decided a new church would solve these issues.

 The current building is outdated and has several issues like poor layout, insufficient restrooms, and high maintenance costs.

The need is urgent, finances are stable, and both the congregation and diocese are supportive.

A study by a hired company showed that the majority of the parish is supportive of fundraising for a new church.

Yes, the new church will seat up to approximately 300 people.

The plan is to use the current church during construction.

The old church will be repurposed to meet our needs for offices, gathering spaces, etc… until a possible Phase 2 commences to address long-term needs.

The aim is to raise up to $10 million for a well-designed new church.

Yes, the feasibility study suggests that the congregation can financially support the project.

The campaign started in Spring 2022 and will continue into the Fall of 2023, with pledges accepted for several months after.

Pledges are expected to be fulfilled within three years.

 Options will be considered and further recommendations will be made to the parish.

Yes, the Baroque design is expected to complement and enhance the local aesthetic.

While not guaranteed, it is likely that Father Barone will stay through the completion of the new church.

Construction may start in late 2023 and aims to be completed in 2024.

Solidify your legacy here.

OLM is proud to give 10% of our total offertory to charity, especially supporting local organizations, such as:

Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center
Highlands Literacy Council
Highlands Emergency Council
Highlands Food Pantry